A released variant of Falorni Tech FLEX-COND: fully customer-driven and crucial for boosting the thermal homogeneity in the forehearth.  

Perfect integration with AQratio

Falorni Tech has developed his AQRAtio system by means of the experience gained operating the FLEX-COND glass conditioning technology in the field.

What is FLEX-COND?

FLEX-COND is the Flexible Glass Conditioning System for NNPB production designed by Falorni Tech. A combination of technologies continuously innovated since 2010. 

Why FLEX-COND can makes a real difference in terms of efficency, flexibility and innovation

The key issue in NNPB production is the thermal homogeneity that the melted glass shall be achieved in the conditioning forehearth. Only by the proper combination of technologies that involve the whole forehearth, the achievement of the suitable thermal homogeneity can be possible.

The Flexible Glass Conditioning System

by Falorni Tech has been developed to serve this objective: before all, the glassmaker who wants to turn its production in NNPB must be sure of the performance of its glass conditioning system. And the FLEX-COND system represents the optimal combination of technologies, properly upgraded since 2010, that works for reaching the highest

level of Thermal Homogeneity Index THI with values beyond 98% with flint glass.

FLEX-COND allows adjusting the forehearth superstructure heating/cooling geometry with a large number of combinations that make possible the synchronized effect of the combustion and the cooling functions.

Thermal homogeneity index higher than 98%


Optimal for any type of glass production (clear, flint, reduced or oxidized)


Suitable for any channel size and pull

FLEX-COND is not a purely concept focused on the refractory structure design of the forehearth but it is an integration of technologies that together contribute to the overall performance of the conditioning system.

Flexible and quick setting of heating and cooling functions in any zone

Field Tested

FLEX-COND linked technologies

Falorni Tech ICS
(Interactive Control System) 

Falorni Tech AQRatio (Accurate Air/Gas Ratio Control System)

Falorni Tech COR-DIS (Cords Dissolution System)

A new controller philosophy, systematisation of logical decisions for the operator’s risk reduction, support to operator on process status and data reading. 

Combustion system designed to guarantee constant and stable Air/Gas ratio at any heating range. 

A stirring device equipped from 1 to 4 stirrers. 

AQRatio and FLEX-COND: perfect integration

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Falorni Tech has developed his AQRAtio system by means of the experience gained operating the FLEX-COND glass conditioning technology in the field. FLEX-COND has been conceived having 

in mind the most accurate glass temperature homogeneity regulation in a forehearth in order to produce NNPB container glass with no compromise to the operating flexibility of the same

 forehearth. AQRatio and FLEX-COND are two sides of the same coin as they are so strictly connected that they cannot stand one without the other.

Modular integration

AQRatio is a modular integration of air and gas flow control technologies aimed to modulate the temperature of the forehearth zones providing:

Constant Air/Gas ratio at any admittable flow of the line

Easy adjustment of Air/gas ratio 

Linear air flow adjustment

Suitable working conditions of air and gas flow control devices

The advantages of AQRatio

Tailor made system to fit the FLEX-COND glass conditioning technology

Steadiness of the Air/Gas ratio regulation during operation and during the time 

Regulation not influenced by the downstream mix line characteristics

Quick response of the temperature regulation loop to the temperature variations of the zone 

Linear response of the air flow modulation to the servomotor angle in all working range

A number of adjusting parameters that allow engineers and the furnace personnel

Wide range of temperature setting in the same zone by keeping combustion values constant

Capability to maintain the optimal combustion atmosphere in case of glass types sensible

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